Christ’s Haven 2023 Annual Report

It is around this time that we release Christ’s Haven’s Annual Report to celebrate the programmatic successes from the previous year and share our outcomes.

This year there is much to celebrate. But even still, I remind myself that each statistic, each metric, and each outcome represent more than just a number. They represent a child, a teenager, a young adult, or a family that has come to us when their world has been turned upside down.

I can’t forget the look on the face of a caretaker who has made the difficult and brave decision to place their child at Christ’s Haven while they stabilize and get back on their feet. Or the look on the face of a teenager who has been couch surfing for months and finally feels at peace in a safe place to live. Or the look of pride on the face of a child who after two school years with consistent academic support is reading on level.

I hope you will picture those faces as you read how our programs are growing and adapting. And if you are the numbers type, one number that sticks out the most this past year is 38%. In the last four years, the number of calls we have received asking for help has increased by 38%. A heartbreaking number that so many more families are needing support.

Knowing the life-changing impact being made every day at Christ’s Haven and the increasing demand for services, will you continue your support of Christ’s Haven in 2024 to provide Normalcy, Dignity, & Hope in the lives of displaced youth?


Cassie McQuitty
Christ’s Haven For Children CEO

2023 program outcomes

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