College & Career Readiness Program

Launch Into Adulthood

young adults ages 18-24

We don’t believe at age 18 anyone should be expected to figure out how to launch into adulthood on their own.

Our College & Career Readiness Program offers an alternative for children who would otherwise age out of the foster care system. Beginning their freshman year and for up to five years after high school graduation, the teens and young adults in this program are provided with housing, transportation, tuition support, and access to critical tools and skills needed as they prepare for adulthood.

Our staff are intentional in mentoring and helping guide these young adults into learning specific skills during weekly classes and planning for a successful future:

Life Skills – grocery shopping, budgeting, car maintenance & ownership, housecleaning, repairs, health & wellness, etc.

Future Planning – gaining rental history, college and/or career path, job training, setting goals, etc.

This comprehensive program provides the platform for a successful launch into adulthood. All while they gain independence and maturity with someone supporting and cheering them along.