Happy Myra Brockette Day!

You might not recognize the name Myra Brockette, but it is the name of a hero.

On August 17, 1920, an 11-year-old Myra deposited $1.06 into a bank account. Little did she know then that her deposit would one day amount to $1.5 million providing college education for young adults living at Christ’s Haven.

Myra lived a humble life and diligently made small deposits for 80 years growing her savings. She came upon Christ’s Haven while trying to donate a used musical instrument. After learning more about the organization and connecting to the mission as a child growing up in poverty unable to attend college herself, Myra made a decision. She would donate her estate to Christ’s Haven with the sole purpose of funding secondary education expenses.

What began as an simple act in 1920 resulted in generosity that would impact lives at Christ’s Haven for generations. Just like the 2021 college graduate in this photo.

Every August 17 we celebrate Myra Brockette Day and her generosity that began so many years ago!

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