Happy Mother’s Day

A day like Mother’s Day can be a day filled with complicated emotions when you are caring for another mother’s child. At Christ’s Haven, we hold space for the mix of feelings and all of the mothers involved.

💐 We honor the mothers who showed their bravery and love by raising their hands and asking for help.

💐 We honor the houseparents who showed their bravery and love by stepping in no matter how short or long the period of time.

One of our houseparents shared this reflection about her role at Christ’s Haven:

“Being a houseparent is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. We stand in the gap and carry the burden of raising another woman’s child while she needs us…while her children need us. When they succeed or fail, celebrate or grieve, when they love us or hate us, the work is worth it. We carry them in our hearts all day every day.”

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