Christ’s Haven 2022 Annual Report

It is the time of year when we bring you a recap of the programs, events, and financials at Christ’s Haven For Children. Our staff come together to go over the previous year’s data points and outcomes to share the impact our donors and volunteers make in the lives of displaced youth.

I hope you notice a sobering theme throughout the 2022 Annual Report, which is growth. Our intake inquiries hit record high numbers. The number of youth living in our neighborhood of homes increased by 30% over the last five years. While the young adults who are part of our College & Career Readiness Program increased by 140% over the last five years.

It is sobering to see this growth and demand, as we know that means even more children, teens, and young adults are displaced from their families. While we continue our trauma-informed, family model of care for youth living at Christ’s Haven, we are also grateful to be able to implement our Family Resource Center (FRC). This is our newest program that aims to prevent child abuse and neglect and also support families before they need to place a child outside of their home. You will see in the Annual Report that the FRC is also showing this same growth as a much-needed resource in the community.

We will always work toward and hope for a day when all children are safe and able to stay with their families. Until then, we will need your support to help children, teens, young adults, and their families. Will you support Christ’s Haven in 2023 and help contribute to providing Normalcy, Dignity, and Hope in the lives of displaced youth?

With regards,

Cassie McQuitty
Christ’s Haven For Children

2022 program outcomes

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