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Fall Volunteer Work Day

Volunteer Work Days are some of our favorite days!

Thank you to the 100+ volunteers who came out to Christ’s Haven to help spruce up our neighborhood of homes during our Fall Volunteer Work Day. 
Your work helps keep all 58 acres looking beautiful. Having a beautiful place to call home is just one more way we can provide Dignity for the youth living at Christ’s Haven. 
And a special thank you to Keller ISD KCAL Photography students for capturing the morning and wonderful volunteers.  

Volunteer Spotlight: Sharon & Kelby Pope

“As a parent, I coached every sport for my sons any opportunity I had. There’s nothing I jump at faster than serving kids. And there’s nothing more important than serving kids who hurt and have had a hard life,” Kelby Pope, Christ’s Haven outgoing Board Chair, said. While Kelby has shared his passion for serving kids with different organizations, Christ’s Haven has been the one constant the past 16 years.

Through several Christ’s Haven connections with friends from church and college, he was asked to serve on the Board of Directors in 2006 and stepped into the role of Board Chair in 2018.

“Every one of the Board members I’ve served with is near and dear to my heart. They are so thoughtful and have impressed me with how much they put into their role. It has encouraged me to do the same,” Kelby said.

He says he has grown to appreciate the importance of the administrative aspect of the Chair role, but the most meaningful moments have been on the ground playing and interacting with kids at Christ’s Haven.

“Playing Gaga Ball, shooting hoops…that’s my wheelhouse,” Kelby said. “While I love playing with kids, I also want them to know I’m on their team. I know there have been adults who have failed them, but I’m not one of those. I want to be their biggest cheerleader.”

Kelby’s wife, Sharon Pope, said Kelby has been involved with Christ’s Haven 16 of the 25 years they have been married since their own two sons were little.

“It has been a beautiful thing for me to see his consistent, servant leadership come through over the years. Our boys have grown up always knowing about Christ’s Haven and knowing a way that their dad loves God is by serving others,” Sharon said.

When asked about his proudest accomplishments while serving on the Board, Kelby said the sale of the Steadman Farms property in 2012 and the hire of the current CEO, Cassie McQuitty, in 2019.

“Deciding as a Board whether we should sell the property was a very emotional decision with a lot of sleepless nights and prayers wondering what is the right thing to do,” Kelby said.

Looking back, he knows what a good decision it was and how much opportunity it provided by creating an
endowment supporting ongoing operating expenses. The Christ’s Haven Board was then faced with the
responsibility of hiring a new leader as Dwight Robarts retired from the role in 2019.

Kelby said Dwight was such a great leader that finding an adequate replacement for him was a daunting task as the Board Chair. Through an extensive search, they came to the decision to hire Cassie McQuitty, who would become the first female CEO at Christ’s Haven.

“Cassie checked every box that Christ’s Haven needed. Plus, she checked boxes we didn’t even realize we
needed. She has energized the Board like we never anticipated. God’s provision in that important hiring
decision was more than we ever dreamed. She made me an even better Board Chair,” Kelby said.

While Kelby transitioned out of the Chair role at the end of 2021, he continues to serve on the Board of Directors and looks forward to more time back doing what he loves most, getting to mentor and be part of the kids’ lives at Christ’s Haven.


In Memoriam – David Isom

We are heartbroken at the passing of David Isom, a member of Christ’s Haven’s Board of Directors. David was a wonderful leader for our organization and advocate for the youth we care for. We hold his family close to our hearts and in our prayers. He will be missed.

A few words of reflection about David from Christ’s Haven CEO, Cassie McQuitty:
“There are some people who come into your life and immediately make a mark. David Isom was one of those people for me. From the moment I met David, I knew there was something different about him. I wasn’t sure what, but I knew it was special.
As I got to know him as a board member, a friend, and a mentor, I saw him to be humble and kind. A still waters run deep kind of person. He was funnier than I thought he would be and had a habit of responding to emails with memes. One of the things I respected so much about David was his ability to recognize the strengths of those around him. He became an incredible cheerleader of mine, of our staff, and of every child we care for at Christ’s Haven. He was thoughtful about every decision he was making as a board member and wanted, more than anything, to serve our kids well. He was entrenched in our mission and believed in our values to provide normalcy, dignity and hope.

Knowing David and having him serve on the Christ’s Haven Board of Directors made me a better leader and Christ’s Haven a better organization. David will be incredibly missed.”